AeroSkirt CX™

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Built with DuraPlate® Composite Panels

Made with high performance DuraPlate composite material to With stand impact and abrasion. DuraPlate panels are made in the U.S.A.

Flexible Lower Section

Flexible Thermoplastic) lower section remains rigid and absorbs impact.

Safety tethers

Safety tethers attach to crossmembers for additional securement.

Spring Bracket

Proprietary spring-bracket system allows the skirt to flex inward and outward to resist damage.

Simple Installation

Constructed in three panel sections to simplify installation and repair. Typical installation only takes two hours.


The AeroSkirt CX, which weighs approximately 185 pounds, is constructed of lightweight, semi-rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic that is abrasion, tear and impact resistant. It is mounted to the trailer using a proprietary spring-bracket system that allows the skirt to flex inward and outward to provide additional damage resistance. The AeroSkirt CX is EPA SmartWay verified and improves fuel economy by up to 6% under SAE J1321 Type II Track Test.

Fuel Savings: Provides up to 6% fuel economy improvement under SAE J1321 Type II Track Test

Certification: EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant

Height: 32”

Length: 273”

Weight: 185 lbs

Ground Clearance: 12”

Panel Material: Glass reinforced thermoplastic composite, UV resistant, 100% recyclable

Color: White (custom colors available)

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,177,286; 8,398,150; 8,579,359