AeroFin™ XL Tail Device

Introducing the AeroFin XL™, a new concept in trailer aerodynamic tail devices. By managing airflow across the rear of trailer, the compact AeroFin XL effectively reduces aerodynamic drag behind the trailer. When used with aerodynamic devices approved within EPA's 5% category, the combination is verified as an EPA SmartWay Elite aerodynamic device combination, providing 9% or greater fuel savings.

The AeroFin XL is designed to deploy and retract with door operation, requiring absolutely no additional interaction from the driver. The device will not interfere with trailer loading and unloading, so there is no adverse impact to freight operations. Its compact design allows it to fold easily behind the door when in holdback position. It works with most door holdback devices, including Wabash National’s proprietary TrustLock® Plus system.

Fuel Savings: Provides over 9% fuel economy improvement when used with aerodynamic devices within EPA's 5% category
Certification:  EPA SmartWay Elite verified aerodynamic device combination
Top Panel:  36” x 100”
Side Panel: 24” x 113”
Weight:  84 lbs
Panel Material:  Glass reinforced thermoplastic composite, UV resistant and 100% recyclable
Color:  White (custom colors available)