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DuraPlate® Panels

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Panel Construction

The DuraPlate panel is constructed of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core bonded between two sheets of high-strength steel. Together these materials produce a composite panel that is extremely strong, lightweight, and damage resistant.

High-Density Polyethylene Core

The plastic core material will not absorb moisture, making the panel resistant to rot and delamination that is commonly associated with the use of wood products.

Galvanized Skins

Pre-coated panel’s 80,000 psi-yield galvanized steel skins provide exceptional protection against impact, abrasion and puncture and corrosion.


Since its introduction in 1996, the DuraPlate® composite panel has revolutionized trailer design, manufacturing, and performance expectations in the transportation industry. The DuraPlate panel is engineered to reduce weight and provide superior damage resistance. Its proven performance characteristics have reduced maintenance costs and related downtime for thousands of fleets across North America. Today, DuraPlate is used in a number of transportation applications, including dry van sidewalls, container sidewalls, swing and overhead trailer doors and truck bodies.

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Steel:   Galvanized
    80,000-psi yield
    Polyester baked-on finish
Core:   High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Panel Thickness:   2.5 mm (.098 in)
    4.0 mm (.157 in)
    6.0 mm (.236 in)
    7.5 mm (.295 in)
    13.0 mm (.511 in)
Widths:   48 in
    49 in
Lengths:   6 ft (standard)
    24 ft (max.)
Color:   White, with other color options available with minimum quantity purchased