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Wabash Composite’s DuraPlate® material has been breaking boundaries since 1996, when it was first used in semi-trailer applications. Since then, our technology has been tested and proven in semi-trailers, truck bodies, portable storage, and other commercial applications.
Wabash Composites DuraPlate

DuraPlate® Composite Panels

The DuraPlate composite panel is constructed of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core bonded between two sheets of high-strength steel. Together these materials produce a composite panel that is extremely strong, lightweight, and damage-resistant.


Wabash Composites Trailer and Truck Body Doors

DuraPlate Composite Doors

The high-performance characteristics of the DuraPlate composite material make it ideally suited for the rigorous demands of truck body and trailer door applications. DuraPlate is widely used in a number of swing and overhead door products.


Trailer Aerodynamic Solutions

After extensive research, development and testing, we now offer a full line of trailer aerodynamic solutions designed to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.


Ground Freight ULDs

Leveraging some best practices from the air cargo industry, Wabash National has developed a line of unit load devices to optimize ground freight operations. With ULDs, large quantities of small packages can be presorted and bundled in a single unit before the transport vehicle arrives at the dock. This improves vehicle loading and unloading to prevent delays at the loading dock, keep trucks running on schedule and optimize transit times.


Storage Containers

We offer a full line of portable storage container solutions specific to customer requirements. DuraPlate storage containers are strong, secure, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant, and are suited for both temporary and long-term storage.