Wabash Composites DuraPlate

What Is DuraPlate®?

DuraPlate® is a proven structural composite material that consists of two external steel skins thermally bonded to a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core. These materials combined, form a structure that is extremely strong and energy absorbent – providing durability, impact resistance and aesthetics for the most demanding applications.

Wabash Composites Duraplate Durability

Manufactured through a highly specialized process in a controlled, state-of-the-art facility, DuraPlate is significantly stronger and more rigid than other types of materials. The panels are highly resistant to punctures, dents, and corrosion. DuraPlate will not tear or rip, nor will it gouge or splinter like plywood or fiberglass-reinforced panels. The plastic core does not absorb moisture, making the panel resistant to the rot and delamination that are commonly associated with the use of wood-based products. And unlike aluminum, DuraPlate's steel skins do not dimple, wrinkle or pit with exposure to the weather.

DuraPlate's polyethylene core also gives the panels the ability to flex, enhancing the strength of the steel with a layer of flexibility. As a result, DuraPlate panels have surprising resiliency. They can absorb a direct impact and retain their shape. Over time, even in harsh conditions, DuraPlate panels will maintain their form and appearance.