DuraPlate® Composite Panels

DuraPlate composite panels are used extensively in semi-trailer and truck body sidewalls. This high-performance material provides the durability, impact resistance, light weight, and aesthetics required in today’s demanding trucking operations.

DuraPlate Composite Doors

Wabash Composites designs and manufactures DuraPlate panels for use in a number of swing and overhead door products. DuraPlate is highly corrosion and impact resistant, making it ideal for the rigorous demands of truck and semi-trailer door applications.

Trailer Side Skirts

The DuraPlate AeroSkirt® has been tested to improve fuel economy by over 6 percent and is the most durable aerodynamic solution available for over-the-road trailers. This strong, impact-resistant trailer side skirt is available for both truckload and less-than-truckload applications.

Containers And Mobile Shelters

Wabash Composites offers a full line of portable storage containers and mobile shelters. Constructed of DuraPlate composite material, these products are strong, durable and secure. They are available in foldable, fixed and insulated configurations and offer options to support a wide range of applications.